yesterday….all my troubles seemed so far away

  • Posted: October 2, 2012 
  • by Stacey   -  
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Actually, I probably should have written this post on Sunday. Unless you want to refrase the comment to “yesterday-morning” blah blah. Yesterday afternoon my troubles were just beginning it seems.  The meeting with my lawyer was a waste of time/gas/energy AND a coke which turned hot sitting in the car.  Priorities, Stacey….stick to the important stuff. Anyway….from there we made the trek to my ex’s lawyers’ office.  Wow.  It was nice.  I’m suspecting he spent way more on his lawyer just by comparing offices.  Going to see my lawyer is like going to the DMV only not as nice.  I guess you get what you pay for because this lawyer was mean!  And he was very talented with his ability to turn everything I said into a dumb blonde type joke-y feeling.  Needless to say I was “put in my place” and told how things will be.  I guess to elaborate….I’ll be living in the dumpster behind Walmart. Well, guess what?  They will be in for a big surprise because my days of being sweet and nice are OVER.  Not to everyone.  Just these two.  And anyone else who crosses me!  Not worth minimum wage?  I should show the offer to my parents and get them to help me make the right choice?  These are fighting words and I’m going in the ring!

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