Where is your dogs’ eye?

  • Posted: September 14, 2012 
  • by Stacey   -  
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Going into the world, if even for a short walk, is an interesting experience with a one-eyed dog. The first HOUR we had her we must have heard “where is your dogs’ eye?” 10 times. It became funny, coming up with clever/gross/funny answers. “where is your dogs’ eye?” no worries…its in my pocket! Or…OH NO! WHERE IS HER EYE? SHE HAD IT WHEN WE LEFT THE HOUSE!!!! Endless entertainment. The true story Is actually sad. Pua had been used as a breeder and when she became too old she was given to a shelter. She was then taken in by a foster home with approx. 10 other dogs. On a walk about 3 months ago she was attacked by a large dog that took her eye. After that the foster dogs knew she was weak and began ganging up on her. Pua is very afraid of noises, her food dish (it’s stainless and she sees herself in it) and (with good reason) walking on a leash outside. It will take a lot of patience to bring her around but something tells me she’ll be worth it. Look at that face!

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