What do you do for an encore?

  • Posted: November 11, 2012 
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Immediately after the Breast Cancer Walk my friends and I signed up for the next year.  Why wouldn’t we?  Aside from raising a couple thousand dollars,  training for hundreds of miles and losing my big toe nail, it was fun!  For me, no challenge compared (with the exception of natural childbirth and I wasn’t doing that again)

So I began to walk again.  This time was different though.  My foot hurt.  I went to a specialty shoe store and they evaluated my walk.  They said I had an odd gait.  I jammed my toes forward when I walked.  I bought expensive walking shoes but my foot still hurt.

Months went by and my friends grew excited about the walk.  Slowly I began to realize I couldn’t do it.  I tried to explain to my friends and I stopped training.  I was so depressed!  I was going to miss everything!  I wanted to be a part of the giant magical event so much.  When else in a regular life do you experience people cheering for you?  Calling you a hero?  Give you stickers and candy as you walk down the street?  People line the streets in costumes just to entertain YOU.  And I wouldn’t be there.

As the big event drew closer and my friends realized I really wasn’t going to walk they began to insist I be at the finish line to cheer them on.  Selfishly, I couldn’t bear to do that.  So I plotted an escape.


next blog….A new and exciting path.




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