The Heat is On (and I’m unhappy)

  • Posted: September 7, 2014 
  • by Stacey   -  
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Everyone that knows me knows I hate any temp above 78. Yes, I’m a “California Girl” but I despise the heat. Sitting in my sardine can today, oops I mean trailer, the metal is sucking in all the heat of the sun. There is an excellent chance I won’t survive the day. Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. I DO have air conditioning but I need to sit directly in front of it and not move a muscle to keep from sweating like a marathon runner. I over heat easy anyway. But temps 90 and above make me want to sit in a pool of ice cubes. Quick! Someone dare me to do the ice bucket challenge. Look, I’m well aware that people have it much worse than i do. But really, its my hot little trailer and I’ll bitch if I want to! lol

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