The Final Homecoming

  • Posted: October 2, 2012 
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So Saturday night was the last Homecoming dance for Hannah.  I’m just realizing every event will be the FINAL EVENT as far as having kids in school.  Something tells me I’m feeling far more nostalgic about this than she is.  Hannah is so matter of fact about things.  She even wore a dress she wore Sophmore year because she didn’t know why she shouldn’t. Smart kid!  So, the evening before my 50th birthday I watched my baby go off to her final homecoming dance.  Did I feel old?  Ummmmmm…..YES!  Ancient.  So here is a look back at 4 years worth of Homecoming dances….for me more than anything else.

Hannah and her friend Justin 2009

Hannah and her boyfriend Morgan 2010

Hannah and Morgan 2011

and finally…..
Hannah and Morgan 2012

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