signing the lease!!!

  • Posted: July 18, 2013 
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The decision was rough.  I struggled with what was right.  But deep down, I knew what I really wanted.  So today I’m signing the lease on my own little store.  This is something I’ve wanted since I was 10 or so.  It seems so surreal in a way.  I have loved this little shopping center from the first time I went there.  I was looking for clothes/hiking stuff as I prepared to walk 60 miles for breast cancer.  This little mall had a shop all about walking/running/hiking.  It had a vegan restaraunt (this was back when vegan places were odd and rare), a bike shop and a dive shop too.  With a dive pool built in the middle of the mall!

I don’t know why we decided to go walk around there 2 weeks ago.  The place has changed so much!  The pool is gone.  That made me sad as its where David took brush-up courses on scuba diving.  But oh!  You should see the wonderful things that are there now! The walking store has grown into a very cool eco friendly, 2 story monster of a store.  The bike shop and the vegan place (Native Foods) are still there.  But now its an upscale hang-out including many places to eat, drink wine etc.  A yoga studio.  Hair salon. Organic bakery and high priced tacos.  On a Tuesday night there was no parking and valet parking was in full swing.

This is where I have decided my quirky little shop belongs.  Its going to be hard.  Starting a business with no capital is a dangerous coin toss.  But I have waited my whole live.  Its now or never!

this adorable air-stream, parked in the middle of this amazing little shopping center is going to be home to my jewelry and other goodies.  I’m beyond excited.

check it out!



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