Say What?

  • Posted: September 27, 2014 
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The last couple of days have been frusterating here at The Studio. It’s been very quiet at The Camp, which means not a lot of shoppers. It’s September. It’s to be expected. The calm before the (xmas) storm! Of course this doesn’t do anything to calm my little panicky heart when I look at my on-line banking. But I’m learning fear and terror are the general moods of most store owners. What I have yet to learn after YEARS of this business is how to deal with the negative or just plain stupid comments. In the last few days I have heard these gems….”$20 for a toe-ring? That’s so stupid!” This is a fine silver, handmade toe ring. Formed, hammered, patinaed, brass brushed, etc. But I understand the 20 year old that said it was oblivious. And I was annoyed enough to not explain. Or how about this….”look honey, jewelry just like you make (to an 8 yr old)”. Or today’s fav….”great, more jewelry (insert eye-roll)!” I know people can be uneducated about what it takes to make jewelry. Or one small glass bead. Or a silver charm. They don’t understand. Not everyone cares. But is it too much to ask that when you see an artist sitting with all their hours upon hours of hard work and creativity, that you shut your pie-hole and not make a negative comment RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM? And while I’m complaining may I add:

Yes, I know my store is adorable.
No, the trailer isn’t mine.
No, I don’t know where The Camp bought the trailer.
I also don’t know what year it was made or what it originally looked like or cost.
Yes, it would be fun if I could travel around in it. But I can’t. Nor can I sell it to you.
Sorry, I don’t sell cookies or ice cream.
Yes, I made all the jewelry and no, you did not see the exact same piece in a catalog last week for much cheaper.

As a side note, I’m thrilled that you’d like to take a photo of my store. Please do! But do not stand blocking the door for the next 15 minutes while you chat with your friends and scan your iphone.

Thanks. I’m done complaining. And to all my wonderful customers, thank you so very much.

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