poop and clumpy creamer

if I go back to bed and get up again is that the same as starting the day over?  because I really want a do-over.  I started out with high hopes for my day.  but first thing is first, so I grabbed Pua to take her potty.  what a hideous, disgusting surprise at my front door.  I had left bags of trash for David (David!!!) to take to the dumpster.  only, he didn’t. he must have over-looked the two large bags just sitting there with his name on them.  well, the various critters that live around here did NOT overlook the trash bags.  gapping holes were chewed allowing all the smelly contents to spill out all over my ironically happy “welcome” mat.  and when animals eat, the expel too!  also on the happy welcome mat.  poops of unknown origin  and differing sizes.  some were relatives of chuck e. cheese, no doubt.  needless to say the welcome mat will no longer be welcoming anyone and I had to wash my hands 3 times just to BEGIN feeling clean.

stay tuned for clumpy creamer…..


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  1. Oh my, very disgusting!

  2. admin says:

    I know! so sorry about that!

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