Out Of Excuses!

  • Posted: June 11, 2015 
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Or so it seems. Surgery is over and done. Its been 3 months now. Surgical boot is already getting dusty and spider-y in the garage. Although I still have daily pain, I am able to wear some normal sandals so that makes me happy!

All of my scheduled events are a thing of the past. Bowers was, as always, a fun day with lots of old and new customers/friends. We got a lttle rain but I like that a lot better than the 85+ degrees of some past shows.
The RuPaul DragCon was a new adventure for us and I wasn’t at all sure of what to expect. If we do it again next year, I’ll probably be just as confused! But I could only hope to have as much fun! What an amazing experience with such talented, creative people.
We had closed the shop for the weekend because the conference was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It ended at 4pm which is exactly when the Bloom Event began at The Camp. Believe it or not, we packed up the DragCon and drove back to Orange County in an hour. Had the store set back up by 6pm and then had time to enjoy our second event of the weekend. The Bloom Event was really great with live music, art, etc. A very enjoyable and relaxing evening (even while working!).

So…this leaves me some quiet time, finally. and in that time I have got to update this poor website. So many new, beautiful pieces waiting to be oogled and obsessed over! Since I am notoriously pokey about anything web related, let me suggest this:
go check out (and follow me! please!) my instagram (thestudioatthecamp) and leave me a message if you see something yummy. I’ll get right back to you and you wont be stuck waiting for me to work this website! Thanks friends!

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