scared? who, me?

I have spent the better part of today searching website templates.  I’ll be honest, this was mostly an activity to avoid thinking about things I didn’t want to think about.  I think they call that stall tactics. I call it a normal day.  Yesterday was spent aimlessly wandering around in  Nordstrom Rack and Target.  I was avoiding taking pictures for previously mentioned (and still non existent website). It’s not that I’m lazy.  It’s not that I don’t want to see my beautiful new website up and running, showing off my jewelry and making money.  I want it terribly.  desperately.  With all my heart. But here is my little secret.  I’m scared.  What if I don’t succeed?  Then what?  Then I have to think about all the things I tried so hard to not to think about today.


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  1. I don’t want to scare you more, but my etsy shop with my stained glass soldered photo squares hasn’t sold a one. Even though people swore they were going to order them. Even though it was featured in a blog and had over 100 hits in a week. It’s disappointing. Of Course You, my dear, can go to a sale like Bowers and such and make a ton because your beads and silver clay things are stunning. It just doesn’t translate to Etsy for my stuff. Ask Cathi how much she sells on Etsy….

    • admin says:

      Cynthia your photo squares are beautiful! Call me. I’ve learned alot lately and I’m just getting started with the changes. It appears to be helping. give me a call if you wanna chat.

  2. Or………what if u DO succeed? I’ve been told that’s what I’m really afraid of. With success comes accountability. Of u ask me, that’s really scary!! Thanks for the reminder. I think that’s why I’m really stuck again. I need to do some heavy duty work. 🙂

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