logo change

ta da!  here it is!!!  my new logo was created just for me by Rob Henegar. I think its perfect, love the colors, the font and the heart is a little doodle I’ve been scratching out for years.  my business has taken many turns over the years but its time to buckle down and concentrate on branding and selling and not just creating.  I’m ready for a new, successful phase in my life.  I’m excited to see where and how far I can go.  With the help of family, friends, Rob and the wonderful Artful Success Workshop I’m taking with Tonya Davidson I know my future is gonna rock!  I’d welcome any comments or suggestions you’d like to offer!


2 Comments on "logo change"

  1. Rob Henegar says:

    You’re doing great! You’re such a talented artist, it’s fun to watch it all start coming together. I love being a part of it!

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