Like A Virgin

  • Posted: March 1, 2013 
  • by Stacey   -  
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Haha…made ya look!  Although, the truth is, I am starting fresh and new.  No more debt hanging over my head.  No more divorce proceedings.  It’s all over.  I cannot describe how free I feel.  It’s like magically 30 lbs have been lifted off of me (I wish, but that’s a whole other story).  It’s been a seriously rough and exhausting week but it was worth it.  Now is MY time. Time for me to accomplish what I want, make my own decisions and do what I want.  So…what DO I want?  I want my jewelry to bring happiness to those who wear it.  I want to teach people how to do it themselves and feel proud of their creations. I want to give my kids every possible opportunity. I want to feel free to be who I am with all of my quirky~ness.  And I intend to do every one of those things plus a billion more!

First thing on the agenda….let’s get a class going.  Basic beginning PMC (precious metal clay, fine silver).  If you’ve never taken a PMC class you won’t believe how easy it is to make high quality fine silver charms, earrings, pendants, etc.  Whatever you can imagine. If you HAVE taken a PMC class and didn’t love it….you had the wrong teacher! Let me show you how to use this incredible material without waste.  Without a sticky mess.  With gorgeous results.  Please leave me your name and contact info on the contact me page or e-mail me directly at

Join me in a fresh and new beginning!  Let’s start by getting together, having fun and learning something new!

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