Lazy Sunday

  • Posted: December 2, 2012 
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You know you’re off to an unproductive day when

1.  You wake up at 8:30 am

2. Lie there gabbing on the phone for an hour

3. End phone call and promptly fall back to sleep until 11:oo

4. Seal the deal by going into the kitchen and getting coffee and (gasp!) a Krispy Kreme donut

So now it’s almost 12:30.  I am STILL sitting at the kitchen table, in my jammies, screwing around on the computer.

It’s not like this was my intention.  I had hopes and dreams like any other person.  I had jewelry to make.  Photos to take and post on this website.  A run to Target to (once again) replenish the pantry of the food that seems to disappear at an alarming rate.  A blog to write.  Oh wait!   This IS THE BLOG!  All is not lost!  I have actually accomplished something!  I am so proud of myself!  I may actually go shower and get dressed and DO SOMETHING!  Or not.  All that excitement makes me want to take a nap!  LOL

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!

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