January 2015

  • Posted: January 23, 2015 
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Im sitting on the patio of my darling store in gorgeous 76 degree California weather. Yes, its a charmed life. Healthy, beautiful kids (adults but whose paying attention?), sweet and amazing boyfriend, wonderful friends. I’m spoiled, I know. There is just one tiny thing I still need. Come a little closer and I’ll share my secret with you. A little closer. Hey! Back up! Just kidding! I desperately need this little store to bring in some income. I’m existing on fumes. Its not that sales are an issue (most days) its that rent is very high here. I must find a way to keep my dream going and toilet paper in my house. So in the next month I will be posting lots of new yummy pieces here on this sight. Want something special? Let me make it for you! Im hoping that upping traffic here on the website will give my income the desperate bump it needs. If you would please share this site with people you know that would just be wonderful. I so appreciate all my customers, friends and family. Please, if you can, help give me a little push and share this web address. Love to all!

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