I Wasn’t Expecting This

I knocked on the door of this huge old house.  Standing on the doorstep, in the dark, I began to feel fear again. Why in the world had I thought I could handle this?

A very tall and attractive woman let me in and introduced herself as the artist and homeowner.  It was late, so she showed me my room and said goodnight.  It was a weird little room but had the most comfortable bed.  Strangely, I felt very content.

To be honest, I don’t remember that trip very well.  I was in a state of falling in love.  I loved that old house.  The view of the ocean was amazing.  Her teaching partner was instantly likable and classes were amazing.  I loved the other students, the foods we were served were delicious and so beautifully presented.  It was like the most awesome bed and breakfast filled with new friends, and the added bonus of learning PMC and fusing.  I was in heaven.  Everyday I took a long walk along the coast and just soaked in the beauty of the entire experience.  I forgot all about what I had been running from and just enjoyed where I was.

This amazing journey began a whole new life for me.  Traveling.  Teaching.  Becoming part of the industry (I never thought of my little jewelry biz as part of an industry before) that I loved.  Some of these people remain my closest friends.  It wasn’t what I had expected at all.  And I loved every second.

That trip made me a better artist.  More observant.  More adventuresome.  But more importantly, it made me a stronger person.  I am now able to put myself in uncomfortable positions and feel secure in knowing they will turn out fine.  Well, most of the time!


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  1. Speen II says:

    And to think.you couldn’t do it……Speener, you’re the one who came up to me in Mr. Tinder’s class when I was the new girl and introduced yourself. You’ve always had it in you!!

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