I Feel Like Chicken Little

  • Posted: December 6, 2012 
  • by Stacey   -  
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The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  Okay….deep breath, the sky is NOT falling.  BUT, everything is breaking and when your on a shoe-string budget it just FEELS like the sky is falling.  First the tumbler.  The tumbler would not, could not tumble.  I have two so I began the process of Frankenstien-ing the tumbler.  Take a few parts from here, a little something from there and viola!  Like a new tumbler.  Only, not.  The tumbler and I have been going around and around (so to speak) for weeks now.  The tumbler appears to be winning the battle.  I despise the tumbler.

The tv in my bedroom has also decided to rebel against doing what I ask it to do.  In other words, let me watch 30 Rock re-runs.  David “claims” to have fixed it and it did work.  For one day.  Now he is in San Francisco and the world of 30 Rock continues without me.

And finally, this morning, the coffee maker.  Coffee please? NO.  Nothing.  Not even hot water will expel from my beautiful Kuerig machine.  It’s just sitting there.  It’s little power button glowing and taunting me.  The rotating rack of delicious coffees sitting there lonely wondering why no one wants them.  I want you delicious little coffees!  I do!  But your friend the coffee maker is being an ass.

If one more thing breaks I’m going to bed and pulling my yummy white cotton blankie over my head.  Let the sky fall!  I’ll be napping!




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