from moo to poo!

we lost our beloved moo (madeline) on august 20th.  the decision to put her down was heart-wrenching as I’m sure many of you know.  she was our first dog, a shelter mutt that had just had a litter of pups.  I fell in love the minute I saw her silly face. she brought the kids and I endless joy with her antics and her ridiculous corgi/beagle body. maddie had many close calls in the 13 years she lived with us.  but she was tough, never complained or slowed down. david would take her on these crazy long walks in an effort to keep her young and spry.  when we found out she was in kidney failure and had little time left it felt surreal. how could we lose this family member that we all doted on?  she was always the center of attention.  moo hung on 2 months longer until a choice had to be made.  I think we made the right one, but how do we stop and fill the hole she has left behind?

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  1. Tonia Davidson commented on your loss on facebook. We recently lost our 16 year old Lab. and I can feel your pain. Our daughter makes commemorative jewelry for people who have lost loved ones, both two and four legged (erin l. m. harris) and I think it really helps. You do beautiful beads, pour some of that love into a special necklace and keep moo close that way.

    • Stacey says:

      Oh Corrine, I’m so sorry to hear you also just suffered this loss. It’s so difficult. Our pets are so special and bring so much love. I will have to go look at your daughter’s jewelry. What a lovely thing she does!

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