It’s been a busy couple of days.  With Hannah starting her Senior year of High School, she just had her last Homecoming Dance on Saturday.  Sunday was my 50th birthday which I celebrated by getting a tattoo.  Today I have to endure a meeting with my lawyer, my ex and his lawyer.  If that doesnt go well, we go to court on Wednesday.  So…..this is just a quick note and I will be blogging in juicy detail later.  maybe a 3 part-er!  There will be pics and lots of excitement (lol) so check back later.  And wish me luck today. Please!


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  1. dkconklin says:

    Excuse me? Where is the pic of the tattoo?

    • admin says:

      thanks Pam….it didn’t go well today but I’ll blog about it later. Thank you for the compliment on the necklace. I loved that one! sold it about a year ago.

  2. By the way, I love your picture at the top.

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