Big Things

I got my shipment of new business cards, stickers etc. the other day.  all featuring the new logo and info. I am so over the top excited about the changes in my business.  the logo is perfect and feels like “me”.  although I’ve been around a long (looooooooong) time, I feel like I’m finally getting comfortable in my own skin.  it’s time for me to just be me and do the things I love the most.  I have lots of new jewelry ideas which you will all see soon and ideas for some fun little give-aways.  it’s all going to get bigger and better from here and i’m so ready!


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  1. All looks great! you too!

    • admin says:

      thank you so much Louise! I really appreciate it. did you know i used to order beads from you like 10-13 years ago? you were a huge inspiration for me. your gorgeous beads continue to inspire!

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