• Posted: September 6, 2013 
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August was a CRAZY month for me. starting with my daughter’s 18th birthday and then the grand opening of my store the very next day!  I feel like I haven’t had time to really appreciate all that has happened.  So let me tell you….I am incredibly lucky!  Not only did this tiny, amazing little store fall into my lap but it’s in the cutest shopping center ever!  The people I have met, whether vendors, shop owners or mall management, have all been supportive and helpful.  It is truly beyond words how grateful I feel.  And then there is friends and family.  Every single person I know has supported me in this scary decision I made on the spur of the moment. From helping me build the idea, to showing up at the grand opening to buy jewelry and beads, you have all contributed to this idea of mine.  I am so thankful to everyone!  This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and at 50 yrs old it has come true!   So thank you everyone!  I feel loved beyond belief!

On a side note…..if you are interested in signing up for my PMC class at the Orange County Fine Arts Center please know that only a few seats remain and materials will need to be ordered.  Sign up today!


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