and for my 50th

The past 2 years have been overwhelming.  So many things have happened I could write a country song and never make a word of it up!

I lost a few really close friends (due to arguements, not death!).  I had a serious health scare (ovarian cancer).  My dad fell on his 82nd birthday and died a couple days later.   My 22 year marriage ended up in scattered little bits of used toilet paper ( I apologize for the visual).  We lost our home and our beloved Moo died.

With the exception of death, I can look back and smile now and see the good that came from the rest of it all.

The “friends” really weren’t.  I am NOT going to die….of that anyway.  I am finally free of a really bad marriage (officially…soon) but gained an incredibly loving and supportive boyfriend. We lost the house but live in a darling apartment with pool/jacuzzi/health club etc. We adopted Poo, a one-eyed chiuahua.

So this birthday felt special.  And seeing as how it was my 50th, i needed to do something to honor all the changes.  Not just for me but changes for David and Hannah too.  We have all learned and grown in a huge number of ways. We have transitioned into newer, stronger, smarter versions of ourselves.  We are flying on a new path now.  And so, there was really only one fitting tribute I could make:


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  1. Ann Burton says:

    Always knew you were Mightier than you thought!

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