a mistake has been made

Do you ever ponder your age and question how that number could be right? I find myself feeling much younger in my mind then the actual math would confirm. Okay, yeah….my body feels my age. But my mind? Hell no! I’m pretty sure if I could avoid mirrors (forever) I could convince myself I’m 32. Maybe 35. Tops.

I will be 50 on Sunday. 50 sounds so old. 50 FEELS old. As my kids enjoy pointing out, my life is more than half over. And of course everyone keeps asking “are you ok about turning 50”? Of course I’m OK with it. The flip side is being dead and that doesnt sound like a good option.

So, Im just going to ignore the number and enjoy the day. One thing I know….50- is going to be much more fun than 0-49. Happy Birthday to me!



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  1. wlwtonya says:

    It’s just the start of a new decade of possibilities! I’ve decided I’m not only a possiblitarian, but an actionarian. I figure out the possibilities and take action! Time is irrelevant. 50 is just a number. It’s not about the size but what you do with it, right? Most artists aren’t famous until they are much much older. You’ve got a good 25 years of work to be done. Good thing you are getting started in a kick-butt way!
    Happy Birthday, my dear!

  2. Karen Elmquist says:

    Yup, cake for BOTH of us. And a cake for the Poo! And lots of love and strength and laughing.

    • admin says:

      Yay….cake for Karen and I! I miss you sweet lady and hope your birthday is gloriously perfect. love you!

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